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If you are looking to acquire the services of an electrician in Glendale CA, contact us and enjoy a wide range of comprehensive services at the best rates in town. We are confident that our services cover all your home electrical needs in quickest and most cost-effective ways possible. Our range of services include home safety measures, home upgrades, installations and over the phone consultations at the best fees in town.



If your house is constantly developing electrical issues that do not seem to get solved, it may be due for a rewiring. We encourage you to fix the issue as soon as possible as it poses a potential risk to you and your family. Our comprehensive rewiring services are not only pocket-friendly; they are also quick and very effective. We will be in and out of your newly rewired house in no time.

Old houses may need rewiring to upgrade any aluminum wiring to copper wiring. Although it may not necessarily present itself as a problem, aluminum wires eventually become the source of numerous electrical faults and as such it is inevitable that they will need replacement. Our qualified team will see to it that every inch of aluminum wiring in your house is replaced with copper wires in the shortest time possible.

We will also ensure that all your wires are properly insulated. This means getting rid of all the cloth-insulated wires in your home as they pose potential danger of electrocution when touched. We will work quickly and efficiently to minimize this danger and ensure that your home is safe and well-connected.

Home Safety Inspections


Are you unsure about the safety of your current home electrical system? Contact us and we will be there in no time to give you a full diagnosis and present viable solutions. Our home safety inspections are comprehensive, detailed and quick. What’s more, we will not charge you a dime for these services. Therefore, do not put your family at risk, know the status of your electrical system and get it fixed today.

GFI Outlets

Kitchens and bathrooms are hot spots for electrocutions because combining high-voltage appliances with wet surfaces is generally not a good idea. The only way you can ensure your safety and that of your loved ones is by installing GFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) electrical outlets. These outlets protect you by inhibiting electrical shocks on wet and moist surfaces, thereby granting you enhanced safety and peace of mind as you go about your duties.

Grounding Electrical Wire Installations

Are you protected from unprecedented cases of lightning strikes? If not, our grounding electrical wiring services have got you covered. Grounding electrical wires facilitate the safe passage of stray electricity down to the neutral earth without damaging any of your property or putting anyone’s life at risk. It is imperative that you contact our electricians in Glendale CA for the quick installation of grounding electrical wire as your house will be much safer from lightning strikes.

Knot and Tube Wire Replacements

Knot and tube wires are quickly being phased out and for good reason: they are extremely dangerous. Furthermore, your house cannot be insured if your wiring system comprises of knot and tube wires simply because of their highly unreliable nature. The lack of a grounding wire puts your property and family at risk of harm and damage from electrical faults. Detecting and replacing these wires is a task best left to professionals, and we will be glad to take that burden from you. Our technicians are highly experienced in handling such faulty wiring systems and providing better and safer alternatives. Call us immediately you suspect that you may have knot and tube wiring and we will be there to take care of the problem efficiently.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors can save you thousands of dollars in property simply by protecting your electronics from sudden electrical fluctuations. Instead of protecting just one or two appliances, our whole house surge protectors will ensure that your precious electronics are safe from unprecedented electrical surges. As soon as you contact us, our team of electricians will be there to see to the quick installation of the surge protector.

Installations Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting

Do you wish to have your backyard area, front lawn or other outdoor venue well illuminated? We are well-capable of providing landscape lighting installation at great prices. Our highly skilled electricians have years of experience in this area and as such you can expect quick and efficient installation of lighting fixtures and electrical outlets at your preferred venue.


If your house is affected by rampant power outages, worry no more. Our comprehensive set of services cover generator installation at competitive prices. We specialize in both commercial and residential installation of generators and we make sure that we position them in easily accessible locations in order to provide quick power backup services in the event of a power outage. If your business or home suffers from power issues, call us and we will get you sorted out at your convenience.

Ceiling Fans

The installation of ceiling fans requires certified skill and experience in the same. We possess within our ranks qualified technicians who will see to it that you have a source of cool air on the hottest summer days. If you are not sure how to proceed after purchasing a ceiling fan, pick up the phone and call us and we will be there to take the task off your hands.


If you feel like your house is in need of an electrical upgrade, we have got you covered. From the installation of new electrical circuits to construction panel upgrades, our electricians will see to it that your house is not susceptible to any electrical faults and that all your appliances are functioning correctly. We will also take care of all your electrical renovation needs including full house rewiring and upgrading the entire electrical system with a safer, better functioning alternative. Do not settle for anything but the best when it comes to the optimization of your house’s electrical system. Contact our customer representatives for details.

Customer Service


Having problems with your television, telephone or data cables? Give us a call and we will walk you through the steps to a simple solution in a matter of minutes. We understand that some problems require speedy solutions and our comprehensive troubleshooting services aim to provide just that. So the next time you experience any difficulty with your appliances, get on the phone with us and let us help you solve it.

Over the Phone Services

Need emergency electrical services? Call us right away and we will take you through the best solutions to solve your problem, even if temporarily, while we send over our team of qualified technicians. We will not keep you waiting and will be swift in offering you viable solutions and quick fixes for your emergency until we can give it a more permanent solution.

Free Estimates!!!

Free estimates

You do not have to guess the cost of our services as we offer free electrical estimates to our customers. Just give us a call and we will let you know exactly how much you will spend even before the job gets underway. We value transparency and we aim to give our customers all the necessary information to process before procuring our services. Contact us today and get a free estimate.


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